This beauty is the 1974 Ford Condor motor home used in the 1989 classic movie, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Everyone has seen this movie and everyone recognizes Cousin Eddie’s unsightly motor home. Who wouldn't want this beauty parked in the driveway of some of your favorite family members? This is the actual Motor home used and it has been painted by professional set decorators to be exactly as it was in the movie. It can be driven to your location and the fun can begin. Ideal for those family reunions where you want to show the folks how well you are doing.


Providing great limousine services is only part of what PFL is all about.  We provide unique and eye catching vehicles for advertising purposes for any type of event. We will deliver the advertising vehicle of your choice to your desired location and will pick the vehicle up after the event is over. Grab the eyes of onlookers as they pass by and have a great piece for a conversation starter at your next event.

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