Loyalty Rewards

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  As our loyal client(s), we feel that you should be rewarded. Party Fleet realizes you have a choice to be our customer and your business is more than greatly appreciated. We have developed a Customer Loyalty Rewards Program that makes it easy to earn free trips for your personal event or your business. The goal is for you to know how much we appreciate you and your business and that is why we also reward you for referrals.


With Party Fleet Customer Loyalty Rewards Program, it's all about how often you travel. We've created a credit system with rewards that you can earn and redeem.

Party Fleet Loyalty Rewards
 Earning Methods
Party Fleet Loyalty
 Rewards Credits
1 Trip Booking a 6 Hour Package 5
1 New Client Referral That Books a 5 Hour
Package or More
Booking 5 Trips Within 8 Months 25
Exceed 10 Trips in a Calendar Year


Party Fleet Loyalty Rewards
Credit Spending
Party Fleet
Loyalty Rewards Credits
Local 4 Hour Bronze Package 25
Local 6 Hour Silver Package 35
* Local 6 Hour Gold Package With Alcohol Included 50
* Local 4 Hour Platinum Package With Alcohol Included + 2 Entertainers 125


** To be eligible for the Party Fleet Loyalty Rewards Program you must complete a minimum of 2 trips within a calendar year. The Party Fleet Customer Loyalty Rewards Program does not carry an actual cash value and can only be redeemed in a minimum of 25 credit increments for travel with Party Fleet on the 14 Passenger Party Bus. Party Fleet Loyalty Rewards credits expire 12 months from the date of service and are non-transferable.

*Any Fees Accrued on Party Fleet Credit Bookings is extra - Rewards Credit Trips are subject to availability and blackout dates. Everyone in the party must be 21 years of age to accept the Gold and Platinum packages. The Gold Package includes 2 bottles of liquor and 1 case of beer. The Platinum Package includes 2 bottles of liquor and 2 cases of beer and 2 male or female entertainers for 1 hour.

To Sign Up Please Call 678-542-6251